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Future Opportunity - Tax Referrals

Full Time

This Requisition is to be used for referring a candidate to a service line when no other job posting exists for the role you'd like to refer a candidate to.

EY is built on highly talented people dedicated to our shared values. One of the best sources of those types of people is you, our current EY personnel. Why? Because you know best what EY is all about. You know the many opportunities we offer our people to achieve their potential. To submit a referral or learn more about the referral program, please search for open positions using the various selection boxes on the job search site. If there are no active postings, please submit your referral to this pipeline posting so we can track the submission for future opportunities.

Upon submission, your referral will receive an email advising him/her that you have referred them for a position at EY. The email will provide a link to our website and your referral is invited to register, complete his/her profile, review and/or update their resume/CV and review our career opportunities.

Program Guidelines
    • If you refer a candidate who has been interviewed or employed by the firm in the past, but who has not had any contact with the firm in the past 6 months, it would be considered a qualified referral. Candidates who have been contractors or interviewed with the firm in the 6 months prior to being referred do not qualify as referrals. • Candidates enrolled as full-time students in undergraduate or advanced degree university programs are not considered to be qualified under this program, since they are already covered by our ongoing campus recruiting efforts, regardless of whether we actively recruit at their college/university. • You must, at minimum, have informal personal knowledge of the candidate for the referral to be valid. • Forwarding or submitting an unsolicited resume/CV that you have received does not qualify as a referral. • If you do not work in a recruiting capacity for the firm, you are not authorized to solicit resumes for the firm. • If any type of recruiting agency fee is paid in connection with the hiring of a referred candidate, they do not qualify as a referral and no cash award is paid. • A referral reward will not be paid for transfers between practices or departments (domestic or internationally). • Referrals of candidates employed with clients are not encouraged and do not qualify for cash awards. • Referrals of candidates to work for the firm on a temporary basis (including contractors) do not qualify.

You are not eligible if you are :
    • a Partner • a person with contractual restrictions prohibiting solicitation or referral of former co-workers will not be eligible for a bonus for any referral made in violation of such a contract • an administrative or other department head where a candidate for a position is in the same department • an individual employed as a contractor with Ernst & Young • an individual whose primary job responsibilities include recruiting campus entry-level, experienced, or support personnel for the firm

Receiving the Bonus
    • The hired referral must be employed for 90 days • You will be paid within two to three pay cycles after the 90-day employment validation. No referral bonus will be paid if either you or your referral has left the firm.

Process Specifics
    • Your name will remain as the active "referrer" for six (6) months from the original date of submission. After six (6) months, your name will be removed as the referrer, but the applicant's profile remains active. The applicant may be referred again, either by you or another employee. • All U.S. and Canadian domestic referrals must be submitted via the Make a Referral web page. • Final authority to pay or deny a cash award will be that of the respective area managing partner or practice leader.


Q: What types of candidates are excluded from the Referral Bonus Program?

A: The referrals excluded from the Bonus Program include:

    • referral of individuals employed with a client • referral of individuals to work for the firm on a temporary basis, including contractors • referrals by Partners, Principals • referrals that result in any type of recruiting agency fees • referrals you make from unsolicited resumes/CV's you receive • if you do not know the person you are referring • transfers between practices or departments, domestically or internationally • campus, full time students in undergraduate or advanced degree university programs, regardless of whether we actively recruit at their college/university