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Kelowna, BC Canada
Full Time
A month ago


Wage:  British Columbia Median wage is $14.42/hour





Contract:  Commission $170.00/hour at a 60/40% split 

Income strictly dependent on client billable hours.

Duties:  All applicants must-

Be able to meet the needs of clients  by enhancing their body image through the application of permanent ink designs (black and white and/or colour)

Be familiar with the use of and proper removal of disposable electric needles.

Be able to use and discuss the differences between chemical and organic inks

Be able and willing to offer clients a cover up

Be willing to accept walk ins and offer a variety of flash art

Be able to provide their own (working machines) and have back ups at all times

Purchase own ink (chemical and organic) as recommended by DLD

Be able to demonstrate one of the below mentioned UNIQUE Tattoo STYLES at a developing and relatively accomplished level (TBD by owner from artists portfolio)

Three Specific Tattoo Art Styles Dont Look Down (DLD) is looking for include:

  • Photo/Hyper Realism
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Lettering

Have 3-5 years experience with contactable references

Be able to work a 5 day work week   

Be able to work a 30-40 hour work week

Be able to work Full time/permanent hours

Provide an Employer Verification of Apprenticeship (on-the-job training) of more than one year and not less than one and one half years

Be able to meet and provide up-to-date health and safety certifications

Provide an up-to-date portfolio

Must have a positive attitude and exemplary work ethicMust have an aptitude for developing an on-line presence with a substantial client following:  Instagram, Face Book, Website optional

Must work well with peers, subordinates and superiors

Must be able to accept constructive criticism

Must be able to deal with challenges by meeting problems head on.

Must have an effective strategy for dealing with adversity.

Must be willing to comply with all company policies and procedures. 

Must be able to speak English

Must be able to offer one or more of the following SPECIFIC SKILL SETS:

Photo/Hyper Realism:  able to capture various different colour tones, texture, light, and uses various layering techniques to bring a tattoo to life, concentrating on common objects and ordinary people and situations, utilizing truth and accuracy and portraying a subject artistically.  Able to mimic the fine detail of a photograph.

Japanese:  Traditional Irezum tattoos, done by hand, (Tebori technique) using wooden handles and metal needles attached via silk thread. This method also requires special ink called Nara ink (zumi) (done by a limited number of specialists.) Modern Style Tattoos are done with machines and ink, still having a spiritual meaning that also functions as status symbol. Either/or type of artist is greatly desired.

Korean:  a water colour and fine line meaningful tattoos which are perfect for a subtle feel.

Script/Lettering:  designed to imitate polished handwriting in a cursive style. Able to master the delicate, often difficult to produce lettering.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Should any applicant be a Foreign Worker (from Abroad) seeking temporary employment in Canada, and unable to bypass the requirement for a Labour Market Opinion (LMO) Dont Look Down Tattoo (DLD) is prepared to apply to Human Resources and Skills Development Canada (HRSDC) for government permission to hire, wait the average of twelve weeks for acceptance (with the understanding it depends on the volume of applications) and pay the standard $1,000 (Canadian) fee.  Furthermore, DLD will demonstrate the need to hire a foreign worker by proving such action will have a positive or neutral effect on the Canadian labour market.  DLD will submit a clerically correct application for a LMO to demonstrate that no Canadian citizen or permanent resident could be found to fill this Tattoo Artist position after a sufficient amount of time for recruitment and has been posted on an acceptable government job site such as Job Bank and/or a British Columbia provincial employment site, BC Jobs.  In addition, this offer of employment will be advertised on two other acceptable job seeking venues targeting unrepresented groups such as new immigrants, Indigenous, youth and marginalized individuals for a period of no less and preferably more than four full weeks. Please take into consideration the date of an LMO application submission must take place within three months of all acceptable recruitment activities, dependent upon the number of weeks transpired from posting the latest advertisement.  Once a positive LMO is acquired DLD will happily provide the applicant with a hard copy in order that they may apply for a Temporary Work Visa. Please refer to NOC #6562 Aestheticians, electrologists and related occupations under Tattooists.